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Tips on how to get the best from your nozzles

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By Scott Mathew, Solutions Develop Manager

Below are some handy tips on how to get the best result when using Syngenta’s new 3D 04 DEFY Potato Nozzles:

  1. Make sure the spray boom is set up with flat fan bayonet caps.
  2. If you have good in-line filtration on your spray plant, you can remove the nozzle filters.
  3. Alternate the nozzles forwards and backwards along the spray boom, placing the nozzle with spray angle facing forward if concerned about drift.
  4. The ideal spray boom height is between 50-75 cm.
  5. Spray with the pressure set at 2 to 3 bar and spray at a speed of around 12-14 kph (delivering a water rate between 100-130 L/ha).
  6. Ensure you application is matched to the crop you are spraying and the crop protection product you are applying.

If you are a Potato Partners Member, you may be eligible* to claim a free set of 40 nozzles worth $200. Use the link below to claim your set before the offer runs out.

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*While stocks last. Subject to offer terms & conditions. 


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