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Technical Manual: Foliar Crop Management


Australian potato crops are susceptible to a variety of pests and diseases that can significantly impact on yield and quality. To prevent and minimise losses, intervention is often necessary and growers need to be equipped with the latest farming systems, knowledge and techniques.

By using state-of-the-art integrated crop production techniques, growers have been able to successfully increase yields and quality - while at the same time, minimising the impact potato production has on the environment.

Our downloadable technical manual aims to provide important information that will help potato growers make informed decisions about Syngenta products, to assist in planning and timely intervention.

In all cases, early intervention against pests, weeds and diseases is the key to maintaining a healthy potato plant allowing growers greater opportunity to maintain high yields and maximise the return on investment.

The technical manual covers the period from early crop establishment through to desiccation of the crop.

Download the Technical Manual here