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Potato People: Lisa Dillon

Lisa Dillion banner

Who: Lisa Dillon

What: Syngenta Sales Representative 

Where: Ferny Creek, Victoria

What makes you excited about the potato industry?

It is exciting working for Syngenta as there is always something new and innovative to discuss with growers and advisers. I find our range of fungicides particular exciting as they cover all stages from seed, planting and in furrow. We introduced a new 3D potato nozzle to the market last year which was exciting and we have a new fungicide coming to market which will also create a lot of interest.


What outlook does the potato industry have in your opinion and why?

The outlook looks good as pricing was up last year. Depending on what happens interstate we are optimistic while quality and yields continue to improve.


Tell us about a time a crop protection product you recommended helped a grower solve an issue in their crop?

Relying on post emergent weed control can cause growers headaches if the herbicide fails to give you satisfactory results and you can be left with very few options. My recommendation is a tank mix of Spray.Seed®  and BOXER GOLD®  applied at up to 25% shoot emergence.  Reducing early weed competition equals increased crop yield potential.


What’s your favourite crop protection product for Potato crops and why?

AMISTAR®  250 SC is an oldie but as a in furrow treatment for soil borne pathogens is an absolute must. It protects roots, shoots and stolen. A clean start equals a clean finish!


Potato Chips: Crinkle Cut or Thin Cut? 


However, you can’t go past a jacket potato! We often have big bonfires at home with friends, and when the fire dies down to the coals that’s when the potatoes in foil come out.