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New Potato Nozzles

crop sprayer mechanism

The NEW Syngenta 3D Potato Nozzles are best in class. They are designed with a 110° Flat Fan pattern that is angled at 38 degrees to improve foliar coverage down on to the lower leaves on some potato crops, by eliminating the smallest droplets they also reduce drift by 60-75%.

Although originally designed for use in potato crops these nozzles are also effective in other vegetable crops such as onions and leeks. The nozzles are angled to improve coverage under the edge of targets such as soil clods and on small vertical targets like grass weeds; they also offer superior coverage underneath crop canopies.

When the risk of spray drift is low, maximum coverage can be achieved by alternating the nozzles forwards and backwards along the boom allowing the 38 degree nozzle angle to improve coverage of the target plant. To further reduce the potential for drift, insert nozzles with the spray angle facing forward.

Optimum performance for these nozzles is at between 50-75 cm boom height, with an operating pressure of between 2 and 3 bar and at 12-14 kph.