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Identifying weeds and measures for effective control

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The benefits of effective weed control in potato crops are many, including better use of available nutrients by the crop, resulting in increased yields and profits.

It is important to remember that the adoption and implementation of effective, long term, weed control strategies that have an integrated and planned approach and do not rely solely on the use of herbicides to control weeds will give the best crop results.

Syngenta offers growers a range of safe and effective solutions to combat weeds throughout the entire potato crop season.

Get to know your weeds

The usual suspects include:

  • Annual Ryegrass
  • Silverleaf Nightshade
  • Blackberry Nightshade
  • Fat Hen
  • Couch Grass

Check out our Weed ID guide to find out what factors make each of the above a major weed, what their ideal germination and establishment conditions are and what available biological, physical and conventional controls there are.


An integrated weed management program includes

  • Controlling weeds in the rotational crops or during fallow periods using herbicides with different modes of action
  • Using knockdown herbicides before establishing the crop
  • Where possible, using mechanical weed control before row closure
  • Sowing vigorous crops that compete strongly and quickly close the row over to reduce the amount of light reaching germinating weeds
  • Maintaining a healthy crop stand that can out compete weeds
  • Applying knockdown herbicides as the crop is in the senescent stage to control weed growth and for ease of harvest
  • Rotating potato crops with pasture or other crops that allow easy control of major potato weeds
  • Avoiding use of contaminated seed or unclean machinery. These are often the cause of introduced weed seed
  • Pre-planting management can greatly help to reduce the weed seed bank. Before planting, form seedbeds and pre-irrigate to encourage weed seeds to germinate, resulting in an easier weed kill.

View Syngenta’s range of safe and effective solutions to combat weeds by checking out our Potato Portfolio.

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