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Identifying diseases and measures for effective control


Potato crops are susceptible to a variety of diseases that can impact on crop yield and quality.

Syngenta has developed a potato crop establishment technical manual that aims to provide information that helps growers make informed decisions about Syngenta products, to assist in planning and timely intervention.

In all cases, the earliest intervention should be seen as a priority, before diseases have an opportunity to overtake the crop. Such a proactive approach allows greater opportunity for growers to sustain high crop yields and maximise the return on investment.

The manual covers the period from harvesting, ground preparation through to the early crop establishment.

Get to know the key diseases in each stage:

Storage -

  • Fusarium Dry Rot and Seed Piece Decay
  • Gangrene/Phoma Rot

Planting -

  • Pink Rot
  • Rhizoctonia/Stem Canker/Black Scurf
  • Silver Scurf
  • Pythium
  • Black Dot
  • Common Scab
  • Powdery Scab
  • Bacterial Wilt
  • Black Leg
  • Bacterial Soft Rot

Download the Disease ID guide to learn about each disease’s symptoms, disease cycle, conditions for development, and control solutions for each.

For more information visit: Potato Disease Management Page