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Focus on People in Potatoes: Wayne Richardson

Wayne Richardson in potato field

Who: Wayne Richardson

What: Syngenta Sales Representative 

Where: Launceston, Tasmania


What makes you excited about the potato industry?

I don’t know of any other Industry that embraces innovation and new technologies like the Potato Industry does. Growers are always striving to improve quality and yield and therefore working for a company such as Syngenta gives me the ability to discuss some our new technology face-to-face on a regular basis. Exciting times ahead!


What outlook does the potato industry have in your opinion and why?

The outlook for the potato industry is nothing but positive.  Grower collaboration is first class and because of this, quality and crop yields are improving markedly year-to-year.  Potatoes are a staple of our diet here in Australia and whilst demand is strong and the processing companies in particular continue to offer the growers good prices for their produce, the potato industry will remain strong.


Tell us about a time a crop protection product you recommended helped a grower solve an issue in their crop?

Nightshade can be a huge problem, particularly here in Tasmania, and control options prior to its release required a follow up application of another chemical - meaning 2 passes.  This caused damage to the potato plant and therefore set the crop back. I have been advising growers to apply BOXER GOLD which enables growers to control nightshade with one pass on or prior to emergence meaning little or no damage to the crop and a saving in costs.


What’s your favourite crop protection product for Potato crops and why?

For me, BOXER GOLD, is a favourite.  BOXER GOLD has been a revolution for potato growers and has enabled them to tackle a range of weeds with one effective pass just prior to or on emergence of the potato crop. Prior to the release of BOXER GOLD, there weren’t many suitable options for the control of Nightshade.


Potato Chips: Crinkle Cut or Thinly Cut? 

Thins...  I'm a massive consumer of spuds in all forms but a particular soft spot for chips and gravy. Can’t beat them!