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Controlling Pink Rot in Potatoes

Potatoes pulled out of soil

RIDOMIL GOLD® 480 SL Systemic Fungicide, the only liquid formulation registered for in-furrow control of Pink Rot (Phytophthora erythroseptica) and in combination with AMISTAR® 250 SC Fungicide in-furrow now also offers a convenient one pass control of Black Scurf (Rhizoctonia solani) and suppression of Silver Scurf (Helminthosporium solani) in potatoes.

The RIDOMIL GOLD 480 SL formulation provides growers with the convenience of low application rates and logistics benefits, compared to granular products (approx. 1.0 L/ha vs 20 kg/ha), as well as excellent compatibility and crop safety when mixed with AMISTAR 250 SC in-furrow.

Pink Rot is a soil borne disease and the aim of the follow up RIDOMIL GOLD® MZ WG Systemic and Protective Fungicide applications should be to target applying most of the fungicide on to the soil so that it can be moved into the soil profile with moisture, to offer further protection against Pink Rot.

To ensure the best results when treating Pink Rot you should apply a RIDOMIL GOLD 480 SL application at planting to paddocks with a history of Pink Rot, using the following directions:

  • Apply RIDOMIL GOLD 480 SL at a rate of 8.5 mL/100 m of row (RIDOMIL GOLD 480 SL is compatible with AMISTAR 250 SC and can be applied using an AMISTAR in-furrow application set up).
  • Apply once as an in-furrow spray.
  • Apply in 1-3 L of water / 100 m of row.
  • Follow-up with two applications of RIDOMIL GOLD MZ at 14 day intervals, commencing 4-6 weeks after planting. The foliar applications of RIDOMIL GOLD MZ will top up the levels of metalaxyl-M in the plant and soil.

For more information download our Tech Note on using RIDOMIL GOLD to control Pink Rot in Potatoes