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4 reasons why AMISTAR TOP is ‘the choice’ for your potatoes

field of potato plants

AMISTAR TOP® Fungicide is a high performance broad spectrum fungicide that controls Early Blight and Late Blight in potatoes.

4 reasons why AMISTAR TOP is the choice for your potatoes this season:

  1. Long lasting preventative and early curative disease control
  2. Low rates of application means easier management and handling of product
  3. Excellent compatibility with wide range of fungicides and insecticides
  4. Two modes of action for resistance management

Scott Dimond, a potato grower from Victoria has been using AMISTAR TOP on his crop for the past five years.

"We consider SCORE® to be our best weapon against Target Spot, but after a late blight outbreak 6 years ago the option of using AMISTAR TOP along with SCORE in the one product to also provide some comfort against late blight was a great option in our fungicide program.

“Under high disease pressure the use of a Target Spot specific fungicide such as AMISTAR TOP has kept the plants greener for longer at the end of the growing season.

“The two weeks protection means that we do not have to constantly enter paddocks every week, saving on labour and time and reducing the yield impact on the spray tracks.

“I prefer to use liquids and the fact that the two actives are already premixed is convenient and a time saver. With the chemicals premixed means I know they are compatible and there will be no adverse interactions in the tank,” Scott said.

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