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SEEKER® Duo fungicide controls powdery mildew in wine grapes with the power and flexibility you have been looking for.

SEEKER® Duo has Group 5 and Group 3 mode of action active ingredients that are synergistic and provide fast and long-lasting preventative, curative and vapour control of powdery mildew. SEEKER® Duo also has excellent xylem mobility to ensure distribution through the plant and residual control. SEEKER® Duo offers flexibility in application for ease of use and re-entry when dry. It delivers great value to growers and lifts the bar in powdery mildew control.

SEEKER® Duo fungicide highlights

  • Provides robust residual control of powdery mildew for up to 21 days to provide long lasting protection

  • Two active ingredients that deliver true synergistic activity to enhance efficacy

  • Incorporates a Group 3 and Group 5 mode of action, with a favourable re-entry in vineyard operations

  • Excellent early curative activity and rapid systemic mobility through the xylem to stop early disease development in the vineyard.

New SEEKER® Duo fungicide for powdery mildew control
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