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The Seedcare Institute

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Syngenta Seedcare Institute™ Wagga Wagga… global know-how, local expertise.

The Seedcare Institute at Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga, becomes part of Syngenta’s global network of facilities on October 25th, 2018.

The network of global Seedcare Institutes plays a key role in the Seedcare P.A.S. (Products, Application and Services) offer; acting as a key enabler to bring value Beyond Seed Protection™.

Within The Seedcare Institute network, a team of highly-skilled experts strive for excellence in delivering best-in-class customer service around seed treatment applications in six key categories:

Recipe Development
High quality seeds deserve a high performance seed treatment

Application quality
Seed treatment equipment is key to achieving the best possible application quality

We offer basic to specialized modules, depending on your needs 

Safety biology
All Seedcare products go through rigorous testing to assess their seed safety before they reach the market

Product Marketing
Seeing is believing, converting technical data for practical marketing purposes

We keep stewardship central to everything we do

“The Wagga Wagga facility will be the 14th worldwide entailing a network of Seedcare experts involved with the quality of the application of these products,” said Seedcare Technical Services Lead Australia New Zealand, Sean Roberts.

“The Seedcare Institute is a very successful model that we’re adopting from overseas and adds great value for our customers and benefits the industry as a whole.”

Being part of a network has distinct advantages for not only Syngenta staff but the end user.

“It’s designed as a network so that we can share knowledge around the globe,” said Sean.

“If we want more information on corn for example, we can talk to the US, or if we need information on Canola, we can talk to Canada.

“Our farmers will see continued improvement in the application quality, so that when our Seedcare products are used, it stays on the seed, and when it stays on the seed that means those seedlings are getting the protection they need against pests and diseases.”

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