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CRUISER 350FS – Offering outstanding stored grain and field pest performance, delivered by a top-quality formulation that’s easy to apply & partner with seed or in-furrow applied fungicides for the full package in cereal seedling protection.

CRUISER 350 Highlights

  • CRUISER 350FS protects cereal seedlings from insect damage improving plant establishment, vigour and ultimately yield
  • Choice of label rates for controlling aphids, including Russia Wheat Aphid and stored grain pests, provides flexibility and saves growers money
  • CRUISER 350FS protects cereal crops from True and False Wireworm from the moment you sow
  • Shorter grazing withholding period than imidacloprid means growers can graze crops sooner
  • Optimal water solubility makes CRUISER 350FS freely available to emerging roots with superior efficacy in marginal conditions
  • Use CRUISER 350FS with VIBRANCE for trouble free application, low dust off, superior seed flow and exceptional disease and insect control

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