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VIBRANCE.® Healthier yields, start with healthier roots.

Since its introduction, VIBRANCE® seed treatment has become the benchmark in seed-applied fungicides. With three modes of action, VIBRANCE® provides the broadest available protection against smuts, bunts, rhizoctonia and pythium.

Better still, VIBRANCE® promotes root vigour during establishment. This ensures that seedlings get the nutrients and water they need for strong foliar growth during the critical early weeks after germination.

VIBRANCE® Enhanced Benefits

  • For use in Wheat, Barley, Triticale and Oats
  • 3 Modes of action for broad spectrum seedling protection
  • Strong control of seed and soil borne smuts and bunts
  • Improved management of rhizoctonia plus proven protection against pythium
  • Promotes seedling establishment, vigour and root health
  • Ease of use formulation with minimal dust off
  • Leads to maximised yield potential
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