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UNIFORM® is a new in-furrow fungicide that provides the only control of Rhizoctonia in Australian wheat and barley crops - a disease of significant economic consequence to growers. On top of controlling Rhizoctonia, UNIFORM also provides control of Pythium, Yellow Leaf Spot and Stripe Rust in wheat and barley crops.

UNIFORM is the result of a successful collaborative research project, on developing an approach to managing root disease as part of an integrated management strategy, between Syngenta, the South Australian Research and Development Institute, the University of South Australia and the Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia.


+ Controls Rhizoctonia and Pythium in wheat and barley
+ Controls Stripe Rust up to 100 days
+ UNIFORM and VIBRANCE® offer broad spectrum disease management in wheat and barley
+ Delivers yield advantages through disease control

APPLICATION - Flexibility for growers

UNIFORM can be applied in-furrow as a liquid or as a coated granular fertiliser and at variable rates depending on the machinery set up and the expected disease pressure.

+ Applied with fertiliser in-furrow
+ Applied as liquid in-furrow below the seed
+ Spilt Application - liquid in-furrow plus a surface band
+ When applying UNIFORM, use a minimum separation of 15 mm from the seed
+ When applying with fertiliser, use the minimum distance recommended for the fertiliser

UNIFORM and VIBRANCE - Root and foliar disease surrounded

Together, UNIFORM and VIBRANCE offer the broadest spectrum disease management in Australian wheat and barley. Together, they also deliver growers an advanced root health and foliar protection package by protecting crops from the most economically significant seed-borne, soil-borne and foliar diseases.

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