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Confidence is knowing who you can count on. Confidence is AXIAL®

AXIAL is a post-emergent grass selective herbicide developed by Syngenta for Australian conditions.

It sets the standard for managing Wild Oats, Paradoxa grass, Canary grass, Phalaris and Annual Ryegrass in both wheat and barley, combining superior performance with extraordinary flexibility and exceptional crop safety.


• More control
• More flexibility
• Safer on your crop
• Manages the three biggest grass weed threats: Wild Oats, Phalaris, and Annual Ryegrass

Unique active ingredient

One of the key reasons for AXIAL’s reliable and robust performance on Wild Oats relates to its unique chemical structure.

While it is classified as a Group A herbicide, it belongs to a sub group referred to as “den” herbicides.

This unique chemical structure offers a number of important agronomic benefits including the ability to potentially control “fop” resistant Wild Oat populations.

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