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The optimised adjuvant package, included in every drum of  AXIAL® Xtra, delivers Wheat and Barley growers improved activity on grass weeds such as Wild Oats, Phalaris and Annual Ryegrass, faster brown-out and better all-round compatibility, all without compromising crop safety. That’s the AXIAL® Xtra advantage.

Discover the “Xtra” benefits:


  • Faster brown-out of treated weeds, reducing crop competition and limiting their potential to set seed
  • Increased activity against key grasses, even under sub-optimal conditions and compared to other Group 1 (A) herbicides
  • Improved compatibility with broadleaf weed herbicides and the potential to tank mix products, optimising the timing and efficiency of field applications

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* Axial Xtra performance is referenced against Axial unless otherwise stated.