Give your crop the best start possible with Syngenta's range of crop protection products.

Broadacre crops are an intregal part of the Australian broadacre cropping system. Using Syngenta crop protection products, you are ensuring you eliminate or reduce competition with weeds, pests and diseases during the critical crop establishment period when yield potential is determined. Then, at harvest, increase your crop's yield and the quality of what goes into your grain bin with products designed to protect quality, enhance yield and improve harvest ease.

Find out more about how Syngenta's products and services can help you to get more from your crop.

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Boost cereal crops yield and improve quality by helping to prevent and cure plant diseases.

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Diverse herbicide portfolio designed to help growers formulate an effective weed control strategy.

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Plant Growth Regulator

For grain growers looking to push the genetic potential of their crop.

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Minimise damage to crop yield and quality by controlling insect pests.

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Strong, healthy root systems lead to higher productivity and increased profit potential.