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Moddus Evo - Don't let your crop lodge

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For grain growers looking to push the genetic potential of their crop.

MODDUS EVO® is a cereal Plant Growth Regulator (PGR) that when applied to actively growing crops helps to produce shorter, stronger plants with enhanced root systems - significantly reducing the risk of crop lodging. By reducing lodging, MODDUS EVO can deliver increased yields in high potential cereal crops through less lost grain and an easier harvest.


MODDUS EVO can help growers to:
• Deliver increased yields in high potential cereal crops.
• Significantly reduce the risk of lodging
• Improve grain quality
• Reduce lost grain
• Achieve a faster harvest – saving time and money


MODDUS EVO is registered in wheat, barley and oats for anti-lodging and Barley Head Loss in barley. It contains 250g/L of Trinexapac-ethyl.

Anti-lodging registration:
Apply at GS 31 and GS 37 (GS 37 application in barley only).

Wheat: 300-400mL/ha alone; or 200mL/ha + 1-1.3L/ha of ERREX®
Barley: 300-400mL/ha and up to 2 applications
Oats: 300-400mL/ha alone
Barley Head loss registration: 200 to 400 mL/ha (GS 31 or GS 37)

Always apply MODDUS EVO to healthy and actively growing crops. Do not apply to stressed crops including moisture, nutrient or disease stressed crops; water logged situations; or following significant frost events. MODDUS EVO application to stressed crops results in an over regulation effect, as due to the external stresses, plants are unable to breakdown the active ingredient quickly enough which results in crop phytotoxicity.