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VOLIAM TARGO is a new precision insecticide providing control of the most important pests of pome fruit in one solution, whilst being respectful of the environment, farmers and end consumers. VOLIAM TARGO offers growers the chance to control more pests in the one application.

The power of two modes of action

Containing both Chlorantraniliprole (group 28) and Abamectin (group 6) means that VOLIAM TARGO attacks the pests by acting as a ‘ryanodine receptor modulator’ as well as a ‘chloride channel activator’.


Mode of Action 1

Chloride entry nerve and muscle causes paralysis

Voliam Targo MOA 1

Mode of Action 2

Calcium ions are released into muscle cell and cause contraction.

Voliam Targo MOA 2


Lepidoptera larvae such as Codling Moth stop feeding almost immediately

  • Feeding stops within minutes
  • Larvae start to wriggle then become paralysed
  • Death follows after 48 hours

VOLIAM TARGO is active on all instar stages and has great residual activity lasting for up to 14 to 21 days for lepidotera pests and much longer for mite pests.

Advanced formulation technology

VOLIAM TARGO, a Suspension Concentrate (SC), delivers:

  • Optimised particle sizes for good physical characteristics and enhanced biological efficacy
  • Easy to mix and measure liquid formulation
  • No need for tank mixing to add mite control

Excellent rainfastness

With other products growers can get caught out by rainfall after application. VOLIAM TARGO sticks to the plant and stays active even after heavy rainfall.

MULTI-PEST CONTROL – Controls lepidoptera AND key mite pests

  • Lepidoptera pests; Codling Moth, LBAM, Native Budworm, Cotton Bollworm, Oriental Fruit Moth
  • Two Spotted Mites & European Red Mites

Application Timing and Rate

VOLIAM TARGO application should be timed to coincide 140 degree days after LBAM/110 degree days Codling moth after detection in traps. For mite control timings within 2 to 6 weeks post petal fall are most appropriate. 55mL/100L is rate for all pests on the label.

Optimising control of the target pests

If the key target pests are Codling Moth and/or other lepidoptera pests the label recommends the addition of a non-ionic surfactant “such as AGRAL” may assist control. If the target pests are more focused on mites or mites and lepidoptera pests the label recommends to add a suitable crop oil at recommended rates. Following these giuidlelines will help to optimise control.

Resistance Management

Due to the product containing abamectin only one application timing is recommended per season of this product or any other containing abamectin. This recommendation relates to resistance management guidelines for mite control.

IPM Compatibility

VOLIAM TARGO is compatible with IPM programs focusing on maintaining or introducing populations of predatory mites such as Typhlodromus pyri, Phytoseiulus persimilis and T. occidentalis as well as the parasitic wasp species Aphelinus mali.

Crop Safety & Compatibility

VOLAIM TARGO has been tested on many apple and pear varieties and has demonstrated excellent crop safety characteristics. VOLIAM TARGO is compatible with SEGURIS FLEXI, TOPAS, summer oil, Regalis, Hydromag, Calcinit, Flint, Polyram, Mancozeb, Movento, Stopit.

Mixes of VOLAIM TARGO + Luna Sensation or Stroby may cause significant leaf phyto.

Crop safety label recommendation for products containing dithianon (e.g. Delan), captan, sulphur or carbaryl should be observed when applying VOLIAM TARGO + crop oil.

Favourable residue profile in Pome Fruit

MRL’s for Abamectin and chloratraniliprole are set in over 60 countries. A 7 day withholding period (WHP) applies for VOLIAM TARGO.


Codling Moth Control