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SWITCH provides lasting systemic and protectant activity against Botrytis in wine grapes, even under high temperatures or wet conditions.

SWITCH is highly flexible, providing the ability to use at all key vine crop growth stages. For serious botrytis management, growers can combine SWITCH and PROCLAIM to provide maximum protection.

Flexibility with application at either 80 per cent capfall or the critical pre-bunch closure timing.
Outstanding curative and protectant control of Botrytis inside and outside the bunch.
Fludioxonil - one of the two active ingredients in SWITCH - is residual and stays mainly on the leaf and fruit surface to protect against any further Botrytis spore germination.
Cyprodinil - the second active ingredient - is systemic (xylem mobile) and taken up into the plant tissue, continuously distributing into other plant parts and controlling any latent infections which may have already developed.
• SWITCH has a built in resistance management strategy with two different Modes of Action.

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A recipe for grape botrytis


With all this rain, we are potentially looking at a wet flowering period followed by a wet lead up to harvest. These conditions can provide a perfect recipe for botrytis.

Botrytis attacks the unprepared


The 2015/2016 season has, for many Western Australian wine-grape producers, been one where valuable lessons were learnt, as it has certainly been a season with its own special c...