Enhancing Biodiversity Project

The Syngenta Enhancing Biodiversity Project – a partnership between Syngenta Australia and Landcare Australia 

Syngenta Australia, in a two-year partnership with Landcare Australia, will enhance biodiversity on a selected agricultural site in Australia. 

The Syngenta Enhancing Biodiversity Project, managed by Landcare Australia, aligns with Syngenta’s 2020-2025 Good Growth Plan, which aims to support farmers to combat the impacts of climate change and enhance biodiversity for a more productive agricultural industry.

Syngenta Australia and Landcare Australia are collaborating on identifying a project site on active commercial agricultural land. The project will aim to create biodiverse habitats for endemic species, including pollinators, to restore and promote native ecology. The project will also support productivity and more sustainable outcomes for the farmer.

Dr Shane Norrish, Landcare Australia CEO said:
“We are delighted to be partnering with Syngenta Australia to design and deliver this project to improve native habitat connectivity and pollinator diversity across agricultural landscapes.  This project is a practical way of enhancing on-farm biodiversity and building resilience in Australia’s farming systems.”

Maximising the number of hectares impacted by the on-ground works to provide a greater reach of impact across a larger scale is key to the project’s success. The initiative will involve seed collecting, planting, maintenance and monitoring to ensure key milestones are achieved. It will showcase the benefits of improving biodiversity while protecting habitat for a range of native plants and animals, including threatened species.

Syngenta Australia’s Managing Director, Paul Luxton said:
“Farmers know the importance of biodiversity and sustainable practices on-farm. Our partnership with Landcare Australia provides farmers with the right support and tools to make a tangible difference to the environment and the resilience of their farm.”

To help farmers to improve biodiversity on farm, an online toolkit will also be developed. The toolkit will provide farmers best management practice guidance and information to help guide their revegetation decisions. 

Mr Paul Luxton, Syngenta Australia’s Managing Director said:
“With access to an online best management practice guide, we hope that it will inspire other farmers across the country to look for similar opportunities to do the same on underutilised or less productive pockets of land.”

The on-farm Syngenta Enhancing Biodiversity Project together with the toolkit will make a meaningful contribution to improving biodiversity and sustainable agricultural production and enhance understanding of the benefits of supporting greater biodiversity on farm.