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Throughout Australia root-knot nematodes are considered major pests of fruiting vegetables and cucurbits, with annual losses in horticulture estimated to be worth $100-200 million (Stirling et al., 1992). Direct feeding damage and use of carbohydrates, disruption of the root systems architecture, transmission of viruses and root-rot complexes with fungi are the main reasons for crop losses.

Syngenta’s TERVIGO® is registered for the safe and effective control of root-knot nematodes in a range of fruiting vegetable crops including tomatoes, capsicums, chillies, eggplant, and cucurbit crops (refer to the product label for the full list of crops).

TERVIGO features & benefits

  • Effective nematode control, formulated specifically for soil application.

  • Flexible application method makes it easy to manage rates and timing; applied through the trickle it protects the roots as they develop.

  • Nil withholding period when used according to the label. 

  • No plant back restrictions provides rotational flexibility.

  • Assists in the delivery of more consistent marketable yields.

  • Backed by an extensive supporting stewardship program.

Control root knot nematodes with TERVIGO

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