Expert early post-emergent broadleaf weed control.

Containing a unique, synergistic formulation of 37.5g/L Bicyclopyrone (gp 27) + 175g/L Bromoxynil (gp 6 ), TALINOR® applied early post-emergence in wheat and barley, delivers robust and broad spectrum control of hard to manage broadleaf weeds, while removing early competition and supporting optimal crop establishment.

TALINOR key benefits

  • TALINOR contains the new key active Bicyclopyrone.

  • Unique formulation of Bicyclopyrone + Bromoxynil combine to provide a truly synergistic combination delivering cost effective, rapid and robust broad spectrum weed control

  • TALINOR provides excellent control of 38 weeds including the ‘hard to kill weeds’ Bifora, Fumitory, Volunteer Pulses as well as strong activity on Wild Radish and Indian Hedge Mustard including phenoxy resistant biotypes.

  • Applied to small weeds early in the crop enables cereals to obtain maximum yield

  • Fast acting, weeds display symptoms in as little as 2-7 days after application and crop competition stops soon after

Talinor with Ben Parkin - Solutions Development Lead
Talinor with Garth Wickson - Solution Development Manager, New South Wales
Talinor with Jason Sabeeney - Solutions Development Manager, South Australia

Obtaining the best results

To get the best results from TALINOR it should be applied to small (2-8 Leaf) actively growing weeds. Application prior to tillering crop growth stage (early post emergent) is preferred as TALINOR, being a contact herbicide requires excellent coverage for optimal results.

At high weed densities and more mature crop growth stages, shading of target weeds may occur which may reduce overall control. Specific application rates and weed growth stages vary by target species and further detail will be available on the product label.

Use pattern

Crops: Wheat and Barley only
Crop Growth Stage: 2 leaf-2nd Node (GS12-32)
Rates: 500-1200mL/ha
Adjuvants: 0.5 % ADIGOR or 1% Hasten
Water rates: 75-150L/ha

Additional features

+ Good compatibility with MCPA and Lontrel
+ Built-in crop safener provides good crop safety in Wheat and Barley.
+ Plantback of 4 months for summer crops and pastures and 9 months for winter crops/pastures.
+ Rainfast in 2 hours
+ Pack sizes 20L, 100L, 1000L

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