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REFLEX® - unique herbicide technology

Optimal crop safety for pulses and vetch. Robust, new level of activity on hard-to-control broadleaf weeds, including resistant types. Realise the true value of Group G residual herbicide technology with REFLEX, in your pulse and vetch rotation, as part of an integrated weed management strategy.

REFLEX highlights

  • Novel mode of action, pre-emergent herbicide in pulses controlling Groups 2 (B), 5&6 (C), 3 (D), 12 (F) and 4 (I) resistant weeds
  • Partner REFLEX with other complementary grass or broadleaf pre-emergent herbicides, for robust weed control whilst enabling maximum yield
  • Long in-season residual pre-emergent herbicide removes weed competition early, providing length of protection and peace of mind
  • Good crop safety to pulses, whilst dispatching troublesome broadleaf weeds like Sowthistle, Wild Radish and Fumitory
  • Unique, broad spectrum and flexible herbicide to manage hard to control broadleaf weeds in pulses

Registration and supply questions answered

Is REFLEX registered?

Yes, registration for REFLEX has been approved.

When will REFLEX be available?

To ensure that we fast-track the distribution of REFLEX once registration is granted, Syngenta has implemented an intensive production plan to deliver the full volume of REFLEX to the market by the end of April assuming registration is granted as planned. This plan will see both east and west coast manufacturing facilities operating at full capacity.

How much REFLEX will be available?

We acknowledge strong demand for REFLEX in 2021 is likely to exceed the volume we are able to produce in this short production timeframe. We are working with our distribution partners to help ensure that growers across key vetch and pulse growing areas are able to see REFLEX this coming season.

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