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REFLEX® - unique herbicide technology

Optimal crop safety for pulses and vetch. Robust, new level of activity on hard-to-control broadleaf weeds, including resistant types. Realise the true value of Group G residual herbicide technology with REFLEX®, in your pulse and vetch rotation, as part of an integrated weed management strategy.

REFLEX® highlights

  • Novel mode of action, pre-emergent herbicide in pulses controlling Groups 2 (B), 5&6 (C), 3 (D), 12 (F) and 4 (I) resistant weeds
  • Partner REFLEX® with other complementary grass or broadleaf pre-emergent herbicides, for robust weed control whilst enabling maximum yield
  • Long in-season residual pre-emergent herbicide removes weed competition early, providing length of protection and peace of mind
  • Good crop safety to pulses, whilst dispatching troublesome broadleaf weeds like Sowthistle, Wild Radish and Fumitory
  • Unique, broad spectrum and flexible herbicide to manage hard to control broadleaf weeds in pulses

REFLEX® Plant-back and Re-cropping Intervals, Syngenta Australia Statement, March 2022

Based on recent over summer field and trial observations Syngenta with an abundance of caution, recommends growers who have used REFLEX® in 2021 and intend to sow canola into the same paddock in 2022,  conduct a Bioassay to confirm paddock suitability for the seeding of canola in 2022. This should be done irrespective of the seasonal conditions experienced between the REFLEX® application and now. Where the Bioassay results suggest an impact on the canola or there is insufficient time to conduct one, Syngenta advises growers should sow a safer alternative crop such as Wheat, Oats or Barley. Please read the plant-back and re-cropping resources below for more information.

REFLEX® - Plant-back and Re-cropping Requirements


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