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Group 6 Insecticide
Suspension Concentrate | SC

For the control of root knot nematode in tomatoes, capsicums, chillies, eggplants and cucurbits as per the directions for use.

Tank mix preparation

Calculate the amount of TERVIGO required based on the area to be treated. The amount of TERVIGO to be used must not exceed the total dose required. Prepare the injection solution using a minimum dilution for injection of 500mL of product in 1 L of water. The volume of the injection solution should not exceed what can be injected in ¼ of the total irrigation volume. DO NOT prepare more injection solution than required to dose the total area to be treated. Add the required amount of TERVIGO directly to the spray tank and mix well. TERVIGO mixes completely with water and should only be mixed with compatible fertilisers as it contains an iron chelate.