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Potato Partners members are provided with exclusive early access to new innovations, products, application technologies and offers that the Syngenta R&D team are bringing to market to help local growers.

Over the next few years, you can expect to see a number of industry-changing introductions that will come through the Syngenta R&D pipeline, bringing significant benefits to Australian potato growers.

As a Potato Partners member, you have the exclusive opportunity to see and learn about these, well before they are launched to the wider industry.



Workshop training with growers


As a Potato Partner, we invite you to our exclusive members-only workshops and training sessions where you will have access to the latest industry research and development, and learn about the latest application techniques that can be instantly applied to your operation to help improve product and crop performance.


Dye night spray on plant

Dye Nights

As Potato Partner, you are invited to regular ‘dye nights’ that showcase different Syngenta nozzles and demonstrate the impact of water volumes and pressure on coverage. These nights help you learn how to set up your boom correctly to ensure that you are delivering the product to the target as most efficiently and effectively as possible – to save you time and money.