Boxer Gold in potato crops


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Innovative chemistry for pre-emergent weed control in potato crops

BOXER GOLD® has been specifically developed for Australian potato growers under local conditions with excellent results. It delivers alternative chemistry for hard-to-control weed such as Annual Ryegrass and Nightshade.


• Provides effective control of key weeds in potatoes: Annual Ryegrass (including control of Group A and Group D resistant populations), Barnyard Grass, Blackberry Nightshade, Fat Hen, Fumitory, Glossy Nightshade, Redroot Amaranth, Summer Grass, Toad Rush. Suppression of Common Thornapple and Fierce Thornapple.
• Ideal for resistance management
• Very versatile – simple recommendations, tank-mixing and application timing
• Good levels of crop safety across all potato varieties and all farm soil types when used as directed
• Good compatibility with glyphosate, oxyfluorfen, SPRAY.SEED®, GESAGARD® and metribuzin and with any one of the following insecticides: alpha cypermethrin, bifenthrin, chlorpyriphos, dimethoate and KARATE ZEON® insecticide.