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One product, two modes of action. 

Boost your downy mildew defence with dual mode of action ORONDIS® FLEXI for your brassicas, bulb vegetables, cucurbits, leafy vegetables and poppies. Double activity for strong resistance management.

Orondis Flexi highlights

  • ORONDIS FLEXI controls downy mildew and suppresses a range of other important diseases in cucurbits and fruiting vegetables
  • One product, two modes of action, delivers a unique fungicide for resistance management
  • Applied preventively, ORONDIS FLEXI stops the disease from becoming established, maximising the crops yield potential
  • ORONDIS FLEXI penetrates the leaf quickly and is rainfast in 1 hour for peace of mind
  • A best in class, noticeably superior fungicide for the management of downy mildew and other key diseases in a range of horticulture crops

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