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There’s a name for that feeling when you’ve taken good advice, and made the right call. Struck by the cleanliness, dazzled by the crop’s beauty; It’s being content that you’ve chosen the most powerful protection against foliar diseases, powered by MIRAVIS®.

The name that goes with that feeling? MIRAVIS® Star, the stellar new broad-spectrum fungicide solution for pulse & canola growers.

With registrations for ground and aerial application in canola and key pulse crops, MIRAVIS® Star delivers value that adds up.

MIRAVIS® Star Highlights


  • Broad spectrum, superior fungicide for control of key foliar diseases in pulses and canola
  • Providing best in class, extended residual activity, ideal for late season disease control
  • Delivering a new mode of action fungicide to support resistance management strategies
  • Excellent crop safety and compatibility for convenient tank mixing and one pass application
  • Flexible use rate to suit a range of rainfall areas and disease pressure situations



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