MIRAVIS in Canola



Activity Group: Group 7 Fungicide

Composition: 200 g/L PYDIFLUMETOFEN

Formulation: Suspension Concentrate


MIRAVIS is Syngenta’s new fungicide for the control of blackleg and white leaf spot in canola. MIRAVIS will be a step change for the foliar control of blackleg.


  • Consistent yield improvements in Australian trials of 5-15% over Prosaro* and Aviator Xpro*.
  • Excellent rainfastness, fast uptake and compatibility.

The high field potency and intrinsic activity of MIRAVIS delivers powerful and consistent performance. It has excellent surface tenacity, fast uptake and optimal distribution within the plant to deliver effective and longlasting control in variable conditions.


MIRAVIS has consistently outperformed both Prosaro and Aviator Xpro in field trials across different canola growing regions at the 300mL/ha rate.

An average across all Syngenta trials from 2013-15 showed both the 300mL/ha and 450mL/ha rate of MIRAVIS to outperform the high rate of Prosaro in terms of blackleg disease control when used with Jockey* (Figure 1).

An average across five Syngenta trials in 2015 showed the 300mL/ha rate of MIRAVIS to both outperform the high rate of Prosaro and a high rate of Aviator Xpro in terms of yield when used with Jockey (Figure 2).

Canola disease control with Miravis


Canola yield results with Miravis


Diseases: Blackleg (Leptosphaeria maculans); White leaf spot (Mycosphaerella capsellae)


  • 300 to 450mL/ha when combined with use of a seed treatment or in-furrow treatment
  • 450 to 600mL/ha without prior use of seed treatment or in-furrow treatment

Critical Comments: Apply at the 4–6 leaf crop stage.

Ground Application Only: Ensure thorough coverage of foliage using equipment delivering a MEDIUM spray quality.


MIRAVIS has a SDHI Mode of Action and contains ADEPIDYN, which due to its unique molecular structure and properties, is the first SDHI belonging to a new chemical group: N-methoxy-(penylethyl) pyrazolecarboxamides within FRAC group 7 fungicides.

For canola: Syngenta recommends that MIRAVIS is used in combination with a blackleg active seed treatment or in-furrow treatment e.g. Jockey or flutriafol.


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