Seeing is believing. One product, controls multiple pests. 

When insect pests converge in big numbers it's time to act. Containing two active ingredients, MINECTO FORTE offers a wide spectrum of pest defence in fruiting vegetables and a new mode of action in cucurbits, for added peace of mind.

New MINECTO® FORTE stops multiple pests with one drum convenience. See for yourself. Try new MINECTO FORTE.

MINECTO FORTE highlights

  • MINECTO® FORTE contains two active ingredients, together they provide excellent control of chewing and sucking insect pests
  • A new mode of action in cucurbits and fruiting vegetables, diafenthiuron (Group 12A) is a new tool to help manage resistant whiteflies and aphids
  • MINECTO FORTE exhibits translaminar movement locking both active ingredients inside the plant, delivering extended residual control
  • Stops treated pests from feeding almost immediately, protecting the crop, to maximise produce quality and yield
  • MINECTO FORTE protects against multiple pest species that overlap or occur at the same time, giving growers confidence in knowing they have taken care of ALL the key pests with one product
MINECTO FORTE in under a minute

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