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Daniel Mattiske

Daniel Mattiske

Forbes, NSW


A quiet determination to get the job done sees Wirrinya grower Dan Mattiske involved in everything from poker fundraisers to implementing quality assurance programs.

The central NSW farmer has a strong set of ethics, which means he is always on the lookout for what’s best for his workers, his community, his farm and the environment.

His production base includes cropping, sheep and cattle, and each are produced in an ethical way.

Dan’s philosophy has seen him sign up to quality assurance programs which dictate and detail the high level of accountability and traceability for his products – and he’s more than happy to adhere to some of the tough rules.

He throws the same amount of energy into the community roles he holds, including his role as the chair of water schemes which deliver stock and domestic supplies to farms which would otherwise be short of supplies.

He has also been the chair of the local silo committee, standing up for what is best for growers, and has joined the Central West Farming Systems (CWFS) committee which oversees private targeted research for croppers.

Locally, Dan has been part of a move to keep the local recreation ground functional, and all his efforts have the end purpose of keeping people in the community.

The most critical thing though is water and availability, and he is satisfied his efforts there have been worthwhile.

“Providing farmers with water is our biggest challenge. It contributes to a better quality of life and helps keep people in our community,” he says.

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