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Ashley Keegan

Ashley Keegan

Advisor, FABAL Wines Pty Ltd, KENT TOWN SA

CATEGORY: community and people

Ashley Keegan started out as a chiropractor before becoming a viticulturist and eventually taking on the leadership of FABAL Operations, which operates 1600 ha of vineyards in South Australia, Western Australia and Victoria, and about 18 ha of strawberries at Langhorne Creek, South Australia.

Ashley believes his somewhat unconventional start in the industry has helped contribute to his open-minded attitude to the way he manages the company.

He is a passionate advocate for the staff he employs, with his business philosophy built around three pillars: people, product and profitability- in that order.

He is an avid supporter of staff training and empowerment and wants his staff to be able to make good decisions based on the skill set that they have. Aside from ensuring that all regulatory requirements are met, Ashley organises additional training around specific topics.

His push for staff learning is centered around the safety of his team and the people who consume what FABAL grows. He is determined to ensure his staff work in a safe environment, particularly regarding the handling chemicals. He also understands the importance of safe chemical use given that “people are putting what we produce in their mouths”.

The end-result of this careful attention to detail in the management of the vineyards allows the company to present their product to consumers under this safety banner and undoubtedly helps the reputation of the FABAL group.

Ashley’s passion for his industry and his dedication to safe work practices have resulted in him being selected as finalist in the Community and People category of the Growth Awards. 

Growth Awards Supporting Partner