Mike Gordon

Business Manager, Pukekohe Growers Supplies - PUKEKOHE NZ


Mike Gordon is the business manager of Pukekohe Growers Supplies, an independently owned and operated agronomic consultancy and retail business, based out of Pukekohe, New Zealand. Mike has been nominated in the Community & People category for his dedication to developing sustainable solutions for the wider growing community through multiple initiatives.

The company was founded in 1988 and Mike became an employee and business partner in 1990. Their presence in the Pukekohe community has increased dramatically. Mike aims to find novel solutions for growers in both niche and mainstream crops through sourcing high level information and expertise.

Mike and his team have constantly pushed for better and more sustainable solutions for the wider growing community through multiple initiatives including their ‘Monthly Crop’ publication which provides growers with cutting edge growing and technology insights from around the world. They also host a bi-annual grower’s conference themed around a topical crop production issue.

Mike sources consultants, both locally and internationally, to come and speak to NZ growers about worldwide innovation and new technology that can be adopted locally. This is a mammoth task to organise and is funded through sponsorship and PGSL funds to minimise the cost to growers.

Mike and PGSL have also installed independent weather stations around the district that provide up-to-date information for their growers as well as warnings for disease outbreaks and severe weather events. Outside of their grower focus they are also strong financial supporters of the India Hockey Association, various rugby clubs and local kindergartens.