Mick Hay

Mick Hay

Managing Director

GROWTH AWARDS JUDGE: Rimfire Resources

Mick has a strong background in agribusiness which has included working for major Australian companies, operating across different market segments and regions. After more than 12 years in corporate agribusiness, Mick established Rimfire Resources in 2001 to answer the unique needs of agribusinesses and agricultural professionals. Since then, he has led the business to create innovative new agribusiness products and services, including workforce capacity planning, HR consulting and training, an industry wide salary survey and HR review and a GradLink program, that connects aspiring agricultural graduates with potential future employers.

The GradLink program connects students from universities across Australia with agricultural employers nationally. Over the last year, Mick and the Rimfire team have worked to launch a fully-integrated online platform for GradLink, which allows employers to connect directly with students anywhere in the country via video link. The program not only helps graduates find work, but it also helps them gain a full understanding of the length and breadth of opportunities that exist in the agricultural industry.

This is Mick’s third year judging the Growth Awards, and each year he is pleasantly surprised and inspired by the level of nominees and the great things they’re doing in their industry and community. For Mick, the Awards are a wonderful way to recognise those in agricultural communities who are stepping up and making positive changes.