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Kain Richardson

Kain Richardson

R & L Richardson - NEWLYN VIC


Productivity is key for grower Kain Richardson from Newlyn. Kain has been nominated in the Productivity category for his beliefs in the importance of running a viable farm both financially and environmentally. With only two pairs of hands for most of the year and tight margins – Kain sees productivity gains as essential for ensuring their ongoing viability.

Kain Richardson and family run a mixed farming operation on their 223 ha farm, including growing 50 ha of potatoes for processing, along with some livestock and winter crops.

Kain has seen results from their productivity gains through having room to invest in environmentally sustainable technologies and approaches to farming. This has also lead to further financial gains and the cycle continues. Kain has implemented a number of changes to their farming practices to meet productivity gains, ranging from using GPS, improving crop protection and plant species selection, optimising machinery use and investing in improved water use and tools such as centre pivots.

Kain is a member of Potato Partners, which allows him to better manage his cash flow and ensures he is applying the best inputs to protect and grow his best possible crop. Kain now yields 55 tonnes per hectare of potatoes as a result of his on farm efficiencies.

Kain is an active committee of five years on the VFF Land Management water policy committee, and an active member on the Victorian Potato advisory committee. 

Growth Awards Supporting Partner