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Graeme Callaghan

Graeme Callaghan

Agronomist/Director, Delta Agribusiness Coonamble-  COONAMBLE NSW


Graeme Callaghan is an Agronomist from Central West NSW who is viewed by many peers, clients & business’s as a leader in agronomy and client support. Graeme has been nominated in the Productivity category for his forward thinking attitude to developing solutions to growers needs through technology adoption.

Graeme has over 25 years’ experience as an agronomist and has worked within Government Advisory & Research services, Large Corporate Reseller Networks, Small Consulting companies, his own Farm Consulting Business and is now a shareholder in a leading Agribusiness, Delta Agribusiness.

Sharing of information and networking are key elements that Graeme identifies as important in providing his clients with the right information to achieve a high standard within their business.

“We must share it with our clients but also with our staff members and be challenged by them, this helps to create opportunities for tomorrow’s leaders.”

Graeme strives to deliver information to his clients in a manner that they can use to achieve their goals. He is keen to network with all players in the industry to obtain and share results for the broader benefit of the farming community and farming system. By utilising these networks he can see that his involvement in the farming community is spread further than just the clients he services on a daily basis.

Graeme is keen to see the next generation of advisers flourish. “Succession planning is important - in 15 - 20 years’ time we want young agronomists to be able to rely on, and build on, from what we've built in the background.”

With the decline of state government services in agricultural research, Graeme has played an integral part in the establishment of other research providers such as GOA which has provided the opportunity to have an extensive research program run across the entire Delta Agribusiness NSW network.

Growth Awards Supporting Partner