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Duc Nguyen

Duc Nguyen

Owner, Nguyen & Huynh - CARNARVON WA


Duc Nguyen, a grower from Carnarvon, Western Australia, is arguably the largest and best Tomato grower in the area. He is an extremely community orientated person and is regarded as a leader in his Vietnamese Community, earning him a nomination into the Community & People category.

Having had a tough life, Duc has emerged as a leader in the Vietnamese Community, arriving in Australia in 1981 direct from the Refugee Camps in Singapore. Duc is recognized in the area as a leader in technology and farm practice. He has been helping the community for years through all the tribulations involved in farming in Northern WA - from floods to droughts to locust plagues to cyclones – they have faced it all. Duc has been one of the guiding influences helping people through these tough times.

He acts as an interpreter where needed, fills in forms for those who need help, represents growers in various forums and other duties. Duc is on the VegesWA Committee of Management and is officially the Vice President of the Vietnamese Community in Carnarvon.

Duc is presently involved in the “Surfing the Menu” program on Australian Television with one of the episodes profiling Duc and his farm in Carnarvon due to be aired later this year. As one of the leaders in the community, Duc is looked at to trial new products and to be at the forefront of technology. He is the only Vietnamese Tomato grower to have invested in the latest radio controlled Netafim Irrigation Control System for the farm and Duc is always chasing new ideas and new ways to improve.


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