Dave Antrobus

Director, Research & Development Solutions WONGA PARK VIC


David Braybrook, from Research & Development Solutions at Wonga Park in VIC, has been nominated in the Sustainability Category for his dedication to delivering the latest research and development outcomes to the grape and wine industry.

David graduated with a Bachelor of Agricultural Science from Melbourne University in 1995 and was employed by the Cooperative Research Centre for Viticulture and the Agriculture Victoria. In this time, David worked throughout Australia where he managed extension programs aimed at delivering the latest research and development outcomes to the grape and wine industry.

David runs a technical service and consulting business for the grape industry and is often engaged by industry and educational institutes to deliver training in specialist areas of viticulture and pest and disease management.

He is also the director of a contract horticultural research and development company, R&D Solutions Pty Ltd, that is primarily focused on undertaking field-based efficacy work across all key horticultural crops. This company has an extensive network of staff and industry collaborators across Victoria and runs a commercial vineyard and farm that is being utilised as a trial and demonstration site for vines, pome fruit and vegetables.

Since 2002, David has co-ordinated the Diploma of Viticulture program for Swinburne TAFE and still teaches part-time in their horticultural programs and delivers AusChem training for students and industry. His passion and commitment to agriculture and horticulture is something that he seeks to pass onto his students. David has been a very valuable partner with Syngenta always going above and beyond to conduct very good quality development trials for NPI's and is a regular contributor from an advisory persepctive in all things viticulture and horticulture. Nothing is ever too much trouble for David and his experienced team and everything is always done with great attention to detail. He sets the bar when it comes to standards to meet.