Adrian Utter

Agronomist, EE Muir & Sons Pty Ltd - SILVAN VIC

CATEGORY: SUStainability

Adrian Utter, is an agronomist at E.E. Muirs Monbulk, specialising in plant management and viticulture. Adrian is nominated in the sustainability category for his dedication to research and resistance management.

Adrian advises on around 2,000 ha of vines in the region and is well respected for his knowledge in Viticulture. He also owns and operates a small vineyard of his own and is a keen truffle producer.

Adrian takes a proactive approach to ensure healthy and productive vines in the Yarra Valley by advising vineyard managers on how to improve their soil health using biostimulants, fertilisers, natural composts and cover crops. Adrian implements tissue and soil testing along with soil solution monitoring to ensure the efficient use of nutrients.

Managing variability in the weather has been a challenge in recent years. Growers have been encouraged to increase canopies and change pruning methods to set the crop up for warmer weather. Adrian regularly undertakes trials to investigate the benefits of innovative technologies such as biostimulants, to improve the plants ability to with stand stress while maximising water use effiency.

Adrian consults and writes spray programs for high and low pressure regions within Australian. He also coaches and consults other Agronomists within the Muirs group.

Adrian is passionate about implementing strategies to reduce stroby and other MOA resistance. Education on rotational strategies is ongoing to prolong chemistry and get the most effective use of the chemistry. He also regularly provides SARDI with samples for disease resistance testing to assist in creating a nationwide snap shot of resistance status.