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Farm Hygiene

The Syngenta range includes pest control products for the management of insect, spider and rodent pests around farm buildings, sheds and homes. These products are available through our rural network of distributors and includes market leading, professional chemistry.

Talon XT Pro 10kg

Kills rats and mice in a single feed.

TALON is a highly palatable, effective and trusted rodenticide. TALON comes in a choice of formulations – wax blocks that are moisture and weather resistant; and cereal based medium sized pellets which replicate the preferred food for most species.

Demand Pack Shot

Kills fleas, cockroaches, flies, spiders, ants, silverfish, mosquitoes.

DEMAND provides effective knockdown and long lasting control of common insect pests for up to 12 months indoors and 3 months outdoors.


DEMAND Label 130.86 kb
DEMAND SDS 55.66 kb
DEMAND Brochure 340 bytes
Talon Ant Kill Gel packet

Kills the queen and destroys ant in the nest.

TALON Ant Kill Gel is a professional strength ant baiting product with a revolutionary formulation to attract a wide range of nuisance pest ant species.