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AgriClime FAQ's

Please see below frequently asked questions relating to AgriClime. 

Why register for AgriClime?

AgriClime enrolment is free of charge. Eligible cereal growers receive a 15% cash-back on their investment in Syngenta technology if rainfall does not meet a threshold level over an elected period of offer during the season.

Am I eligible?

To be eligible, growers must spend at least $50/ha on at least two selected Syngenta products across a minimum of 300 hectares. 

How much does it cost to register for AgriClime?

Registration is free of charge; however you must meet eligibility requirements. If the committed purchases are not met by the end of the offer period, you may be subject to a break fee. Please refer to the Terms & Conditions for more information.

What is the elected period?

It is the period where the offer is active – there are two options; starting date of August 1, 2017 or September 1, 2017. Both offer periods last for 60 days.

What rainfall data is used in calculating the rainfall threshold?

AgriClime uses both Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) and satellite data provided by one of the world’s leading global weather data providers and analysts, MeteoGroup, to calculate your average rainfall over 18 years, whilst also incorporating a trend line on predicted rainfall for the coming season. 

What is a threshold level?

To derive the rainfall threshold for your offer and also measure rainfall during your program period, AgriClime uses a 25 kilometre squared area to calculate rainfall for your paddock(s). 

Are there any ineligible locations?

Unfortunately, AgriClime is not offered in locations where the rainfall threshold is set below 3 millimetres during the elected offer period.

What is the break fee?

If you withdraw from AgriClime less than 4 days prior to your elected start date, you are liable for a break fee equivalent to 2% of the committed spend stated in your offer confirmation.

What are the qualifying products?

Amistar Xtra, Axial, Boxer Gold, Dual Gold, Karate Zeon, Moddus Evo, Spray.Seed, Talinor, Uniform, Vibrance.

Purchase(s) made between September 2016 and October 2017 will be eligible.

When are the enrollment cut-off dates?

1st July 2017 for August-September offer period.

1st August 2017 for September-October period.