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AgriClime FAQ's

Please see below frequently asked questions relating to AgriClime 2019 offer. 

Why register for AgriClime?

AgriClime™ is a free Syngenta program to help share with Australian broadacre growers the risk of low rainfall during August to October. You can receive up to 30% cash-back on eligible Syngenta products if you do not reach your rainfall threshold for your selected offer period. Have the confidence to invest in a better crop by knowing Syngenta is willing to share with you the risk of low rainfall. 

What is a rainfall threshold?

The rainfall threshold and exit point - which triggers a cash-back and maximum payout if it is not reached during the offer period – is a 1 in 5 year drought event for your paddock. It is not an average rainfall. The rainfall threshold calculation used for AgriClime™ uses 20 years of historical rainfall data and it is calculated to a GPS pixel of 5km X 5km. The weather data supplied to Syngenta is sourced from an internationally recognised independent third party provider.

What is the 2019 AgriClime™ offer?

  • $15,000 minimum spend (no minimum hectares)
  • Up to 30% payout if rainfall threshold not met
  • Minimum two (2) products to qualify
    • NEW: inclusion of AXIAL XTRA®, CRUISER OPTI® and ELATUS ACE®
  • Two offer periods:
    • August-September OR September-October
  • Purchases between October 2018 to September 2019 are eligible

How much does it cost to register for AgriClime?

Registration is free of charge! However you must meet the minimum eligibility requirements.

What is the elected offer period?

It is the period where the offer is active and rainfall threshold set. There are two options; starting date August-September 2019 or September-October 2019.

Are there any ineligible locations?

Unfortunately, AgriClime is not offered in locations where the rainfall threshold is set below 3 millimetres during the elected offer period. This will be flagged on the registration page. 

What is the break fee?

Syngenta wants growers to be accurately covered in the event of a Cash Back. A break fee of 3% of the committed spend is put in place to encourage accuracy when growers or advisors are registering for AgriClime. If the Grower does not achieve the Committed Spend and/or Minimum Spend during the Program Period, the break fee of 3% may apply and no Cash Back may be payable if a Drought Event has occurred. If the Break Fee is enforced by Syngenta, it must be paid within 14 days following the end of the Program Period.

2019 enrollment cut-off dates

  • 1st July 2019 for August-September offer period
  • 1st August 2019 for September-October offer period

Opt Out Period

10 working days following the Registration Date and before the cut-off date for registration for the applicable offer period.