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AgriClime FAQ's

Please see below frequently asked questions relating to AgriClime. 

Why register for AgriClime?

AgriClime™ is a Syngenta program to help share with Australian broadacre growers the risk of low rainfall during August to October. You can receive 15% cash-back on eligible Syngenta products if you do not reach your rainfall threshold for your selected offer period.

What is a rainfall threshold?

The rainfall threshold - which triggers a cash-back if it is not reached – is a 1 in 10 year drought event for your paddock. It is not an average rainfall. The rainfall threshold calculation used for AgriClime™ is generated by Metogroup (, Syngenta’s meteorological partner. The calculation uses 20 years of historical rainfall data and forward trend modelling. It is calculated to a GPS pixel of 20km².

What is the 2018 AgriClime™ offer?

  • $15,000 minimum spend (no minimum hectares)
  • 15% payout if rainfall threshold not met
  • Minimum two (2) products to qualify
    • NEW: inclusion of AFFIRM®, MIRAVIS™ and CRUISER® 350
  • Two offer periods:
    • August-September OR September-October
  • Purchases between October 2017 to September 2018 eligible

Why register for AgriClime™?

Enrolment is free of charge when growers meet the eligibility criteria and AgriClime™ helps you to manage the financial risk of a dry spring.

How much does it cost to register for AgriClime?

Registration is free of charge; however you must meet eligibility requirements. If the committed purchases are not met by the end of the offer period, you may be subject to a break fee. Please refer to the Terms & Conditions for more information.

What is the elected offer period?

It is the period where the offer is active and rainfall threshold set. There are two options; starting date August-September 2018 or September-October 2018.

Are there any ineligible locations?

Unfortunately, AgriClime is not offered in locations where the rainfall threshold is set below 3 millimetres during the elected offer period.

What is the break fee?

If you withdraw from AgriClime less than 4 days prior to your elected start date, you are liable for a break fee equivalent to 2% of the committed spend stated in your offer confirmation.