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ELATUS™ ACE is the latest fungicide innovation for Australian cereal growers, from Syngenta. 

It contains SOLATENOL™, a powerful and globally proven SDHI fungicide that offers broad spectrum control of major wheat and barley foliar diseases. One product for complete disease protection.


Elatus Ace key features


  • Broadest spectrum control of major foliar wheat and barley diseases, one product for complete disease protection 

  • Two modes of action, delivering a new rotation tool for resistance management

  • Unique SDHI chemistry provides best in class control of Septoria and rust providing long lasting protection

  • Excellent compatibility for one pass convenience, combine ELATUS ACE with MODDUS® EVO to maximise yields

  • Complete and consistent disease protection maximises yield potential



-  Leaf Rust 

-  Powdery Mildew 

-  Ramularia Leaf Spot  

-  Ring Spot 

-  Scald 

-  Spot form & Net form of Net Blotch


-  Glume Blotch 

-  Leaf Rust 

-  Powdery Mildew   

-  Septoria tritici Blotch 

-  Stem Rust 

-  Stripe Rust 

-  Yellow Leaf Spot  

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