GRAMOXONE 360 PRO Mixing order


Mixing order


GRAMOXONE 360 PRO is an adjuvant-free formulation, a feature that will enable spray operators to select the best adjuvant systems to match their local conditions.

With the need to add an adjuvant it is important to take note of the mixing order when using GRAMOXONE 360 PRO and an adjuvant

Compatibility – Mixing Order

  1. Half fill spray tank with water and commence agitation
  2. If tank mixing GRAMOXONE 360 Pro with other products add those product in the following order
    • Water Conditioners / Compatibility Agents
    • Water Soluble Bags (WSB)
    • Water Dispersible Granules (WG)
    • Wettable Powders (WP)
    • Suspension Concentrate (SC)
    • Suspo-emulsion (SE)
    • Oil in Water Emulsion (EW)
    • Emulsifiable Concentrate (EC)
    • Soluble Liquids or Soluble Concentrates (SL)
  3. Ensure each product is completely dispersed before adding the next product to the tank
  4. Add adjuvants before adding Gramoxone 360 PRO to assist with dispersion of the mixture
  5. Lastly add the GRAMOXONE 360 PRO
  6. Fill the remainder of the spray tank with water
  7. Continue agitation and spray the mix out preferably within 24 hours

Adjuvant options tailored to maximise performance

Adjuvant Group


Alkylaryl ethoxylates (e.g. AGRAL 600)

250 mL/100 L

Alcohol alkoxylates (e.g. BS1000, Chemwet)

250 mL/100L

Soyal phospholipids/propionic acids (e.g. LI700, Liberate)

250 mL/100L

Esterified/emulsified vegetable oil based products (e.g. ADIGOR, Hasten)

500 to 1000 mL/100 L