Reglone® - Pre-harvest weed control and crop desiccation

REGLONE® is a non-selective contact herbicide containing 200g/L diquat present as diquat dibromide monohydrate. It is fast-acting non-volatile, aqueous solution, providing unrivalled speed of kill in the destruction of green plant tissue. REGLONE interferes with the process of photosynthesis, causing rapid desiccation of foliage for pre-harvest weed control or crop desiccation.

The super harvest aid - broadacre desiccation

REGLONE is a fast acting desiccant that works quickly to dry up any green plant material on contact. Within a matter of days of application, harvesting can commence.
Broadacre farmers have relied on REGLONE for many years as an effective aid for harvesting crops, particularly where weed growth in crops is a problem or where crops mature unevenly.


Works quickly to desiccate the crop and weeds within a matter of days
• Synchronises; the harvest of unevenly matured crops
• Earlier harvesting reduces the risk of wet weather interference

Reduces weed contamination at harvest
• Reduced foreign material content and reduced dockage penalties

Accelerates the drying of crops and reduces the moisture content of seeds
• Drying costs are reduced

Maximum yield through more consistent maturity
• Minimises pod shatter and seed loss

Desiccates a wide range of broadleaves and grasses
• Broad spectrum of activity - particularly broadleaf weeds

Short withholding period
• Harvest is not delayed