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Spray.Seed® - The broadest spectrum with the fastest brown out

SPRAY.SEED is a broad spectrum, very fast acting, non-selective, contact herbicide with a unique mode of action (Group L). It is registered for weed control prior to sowing broadacre crops and is an important tool for use in rotation with glyphosate, as part of a diverse and integrated weed management system.

Rainfast in just thirty minutes, SPRAY.SEED has the lowest risk of failure of any herbicide when rain follows application. This rapid uptake provides greater flexibility to get on with spraying and sowing even when rain is imminent. Unlike glyphosate, which requires application during daylight for optimal performance, SPRAY.SEED works well in a number of light conditions and is especially well suited to night spraying.


• Strong on grass and broadleaf weeds
• Unrivalled speed of brownout
• Delivers rapid root release, increasing efficacy of pre-emergent herbicides and conserving soil moisture
• Alternative Mode of Action to glyphosate for resistance management
• Superior rainfastness and flexibility to apply during both day and night time, with no loss of efficacy
• Excellent tank-mix compatibility

SPRAY.SEED, Australia’s superior knockdown herbicide

At busy periods of the year, such as sowing, when time is of the essence, the speed of uptake of a knockdown herbicide can come into its own. Rapid uptake provides greater flexibility to get on with spraying and sowing, even under inclement conditions. With 90 per cent uptake occurring within minutes of spraying, and total uptake within 20 to 30 minutes, there is very little risk of it being washed off by rain. In contrast, glyphosate can take several hours to reach 90 per cent uptake. During this period, wash-off is a risk if rain occurs. When considering which type of product to use, make sure to account for the cost of spray failure.

Another major strength of SPRAY.SEED is its excellent compatibility with a wide range of partner herbicides. Many products mix particularly well with SPRAY.SEED without physical incompatibility or antagonism causing loss in herbicide performance. SPRAY.SEED has superior compatibility to glyphosate, particularly with trifluralin and other pre-emergent herbicides, which enables the least number of passes required for effective control.

And when it comes to managing glyphosate resistance and achieving maximum weed control, Australia’s herbicide experts recommend rotating herbicides with different modes of action. The ‘double knock’ strategy of spraying weeds twice before sowing, with a dose of glyphosate followed by a dose of SPRAY.SEED, has been found to provide a very effective means of protection from glyphosate resistance.