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Gramoxone 360 Pro - the most efficient and flexible paraquat yet

New GRAMOXONE 360 PRO® is the highest load paraquat product available in Australia. Its advanced high load formulation means there is 30 per cent less paraquat product to transport, handle and store. GRAMOXONE 360 PRO has equal and often better efficacy compared with existing paraquat formulations. It is supplied in 20 L, 100 L and 1,000 L containers, and has more flexibility with the ability to tailor adjuvants to maximise performance. 


  • Value: higher loading means 30 per cent savings on storage, handling and freight.
  • Performance: equal or better efficacy compared with existing paraquat formulations.
  • Efficiency: a higher loaded formulation means faster work rates with faster tank-filling and less product required per hectare. For example, a rate of 1 L/ha for GRAMOXONE® 250 translates to 0.7 L/ha of GRAMOXONE 360 PRO.
  • Flexibility: being adjuvant-free, GRAMOXONE 360 PRO gives you the flexibility to select the adjuvant that maximises your performance for different situations, be it drift reduction, weed targets or droplet control

Select the best for your conditions

The wide-ranging regional and seasonal differences across Australia see many spray operators adding their own specialised adjuvants to cope with the individual situation at hand. With GRAMOXONE 360 PRO, there is no unnecessary cost and no compromise. It features an adjuvant-free formulation, that enables spray operators to select the best adjuvant systems to match their local conditions.

Improved control means reduced seed set, delivering growers long term yield and productivity benefits. For example, by adding lower drift adjuvants in circumstances that require them, GRAMOXONE 360 PRO can be more effective at hitting target weeds.

GRAMOXONE 360 PRO can be applied using medium to coarse spray droplets and in conjunction with lower drift adjuvants. These features offer further benefits to growers through minimising the risk of off-target damage through spray drift.

Our commitment to safety and stewardship

GRAMOXONE 360 PRO comes with Syngenta’s comprehensive paraquat stewardship and technical training program, part of the Quest Training Modules, which includes essential information for growers and advisors. The program includes online training modules on stewardship, application and product knowledge.

When used according to label directions, GRAMOXONE 360 PRO presents the same low risk to users as other paraquat-based products. As with all agricultural chemicals, the biggest risk of user exposure is from splashes during mixing and loading. Watch our stewardship videos featured below to learn more about safe use and handling of GRAMOXONE 360 PRO.

To back-up the paraquat safety and stewardship program, Syngenta has in place the Orica emergency 24hr free call number 1800 033 111.