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ARCADE is a pre-emergent herbicide from Syngenta containing 800g/L Prosulfocarb that provides control of Annual Ryegrass in Wheat and Barley. ARCADE is a Group J (Thiocarbamate) herbicide which offers growers an important alternative mode of action particularly useful for resistance management in wheat programs.

Key Benefits of ARCADE

  • Controls Annual Ryegrass including Trifluralin (Group D) resistant populations
  • Robust option to increase herbicide diversity for resistance management, either stand alone or tank mixed with Trifluralin
  • Alternative to BOXER GOLDĀ® (Prosulfocarb + S-Moc) when used in lighter soil types or disc seeding systems.

Additional Benefits of ARCADE

  • Provides robust control of Annual Ryegrass when used at 3L/ha IBS
  • ARCADE at 2.5L/ha provides useful suppression of Annual Ryegrass that can be used as a base for tank mixing to suit conditions and weed spectrum.
  • Registered in both Wheat and Barley.
  • Compatible with a range of knockdown and pre-emergent herbicides
  • 7-day incorporation