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Technical Services Team

Meet our team driving knowledge transfer 

Each team member has been selected for their excellent technical knowledge, ability to interpret scientific data, intrinsic commercial understanding, and outstanding communication & presentation skills.


Jason Sabeeney

Mount Pleasant, South Australia

With almost 30 years experience, Jason has worked in agronomy, commercial and technical roles within the crop protection industry servicing most areas of Australia and New Zealand. Jason is chair of CropLife Australia Herbicide Resistance Management Review Group and a member of the GRDC Grains Weeds Advisory Committee. He is tertiary qualified in agricultural science and education and is a Chartered Agriculturalist (CAg) and AgCredited through the Australian Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology (AIAST). Some of Jason’s specialisations include herbicide resistance, extension & training, non-selective herbicides and application technology. In 2007 he facilitated the review of the Australian herbicide mode of action labelling system.


Scott Matthew

Barmera, South Australia

Joined Syngenta in 1997 as a Territory Sales Manager. Since 2005 Scott has been in the role of Solutions Development Lead, Horticulture with Syngenta Australia. With over 20 years of experience in horticultural and broadacre agronomy, Scott specializes in pest and disease management, application technology and resistance management strategies, fungicides, insecticides and herbicides in horticultural and broadacre crops.


Garth Wickson

Coolamon, New South Wales

With 20 years experience in broadacre agriculture, Garth is an expert on farming practices as well as cereal herbicides and fungicides, application technology and even irrigation. Garth has worked at Syngenta for eleven years with the last ten years spent in his Technical Services role.


Trevor Klein

Orange, New South Wales

Trevor has spent over 20 years undertaking field trials and extending findings to research, student and farmer communities. His experience is invaluable for new product developments and the interpretation of statistical analyses. Trevor’s specialisations include seed care, cereals, summer crops and cotton.


Shaun Hood

Toowoomba, Queensland

With over 20 years' experience in agriculture, Shaun has delivered innovative and practical pest management solutions and gained broad agronomic knowledge across a range of crops, including broadacre, summer crops, tropical and temperate horticulture, viticulture and forestry. Shaun also has extensive experience as a Research & Development Manager taking products from development through to registration.  


Dave Antrobus

Cardigan, Victoria

Before joining Syngenta in 2014 Dave had gained 20 year agricultural experience working in both technical and commercial roles for large corporate organisations. Having this balanced background means that Dave is critically conscious of the economics and marketing side of food production as well as the agronomy. Key knowledge areas include food processing, horticultural and broadacre agronomy, irrigation and moisture monitoring, fresh produce storage, procurement and operational management. Having previously worked in the UK, Kununurra, North Queensland, Ballarat and the WA wheatbelt Dave understands diversity of climates play a key part in shaping his knowledge!


York, Western Australia

Ben has 13 years’ experience in broadacre farming systems conducting research & development, extension and consulting. After graduating with a B Sc Agriculture from the University of WA with an honours project conducted with WAHRI (now AHRI),Ben gained wide spread experience within the WA agricultural industry having worked in a number of roles including research agronomy and grower group extension. Together with his practical experience in agriculture Ben is passionate about providing innovative and sustainable solutions to broadacre production specifically around cereal herbicides and resistance management