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Vegetable Seeds

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Developing high performing seeds and plants for commercial growers

Syngenta offers a range of vegetable seeds that are bred according to latest market needs. We draw on a wealth of expertise and genetic material to develop the right seeds. You can count on us for reliability, disease resistance and high yields.

We know that choosing the right seed varieties based on your growing conditions and markets is important. We focus on quality germplasm so our seeds add value along the entire business chain, through to the retail shelf.

Non GMO Declaration

All vegetable varieties presently marketed by Syngenta Australia & New Zealand have been created using traditional breeding methods without the use of genetic modification techniques leading to genetically modified organisms as defined in Directive 2001/18/EC on the deliberate release into the environment of genetically modified organisms.

The methods used in the development and maintenance of those varieties are aimed at achieving high purity standards and avoiding the presence of off-types, including genetically modified organisms.

Seed production has been carried out in accordance with existing legal requirements related to marketing of varieties and seed production rules including stipulated isolation distances. The risk of adventitious contamination in seed multiplication areas although unlikely cannot however be totally excluded.